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A Quick Tour of

December 25, 2007
Photobird Quick Tour provides a simple and intuitive way for you to share your photographs with friends and family. You’ve probably already noticed that is designed first and foremost for your ease of use. It’s so easy to use, in fact, you probably won’t need help pages or instructions to get started right away with sharing your photos. However, if you do get stuck or you just want to see what’s possible with your new account, be sure to check out the Quick Tour.

You’ll quickly learn how to make easy-to-use online photo albums in seconds, and find out why is faster, easier, and more convenient than sharing photos by e-mail. The Quick Tour will also show you how to add titles and descriptions to your photos as well as how to send your photos to friends.

In the Quick Tour, you’ll learn about more advanced features as well, including how to password protect your photo albums, how to change the default photo display size, and how to allow visitors to comment on and rate your photos.

If you have questions about our free 7-day trial, be sure to visit our Ordering Subscriptions help page, which should answer all your questions. If your question isn’t addressed there, please reach us on the Photobird forums or feel free to contact us directly via our Contact Us page. You may also peruse our  Help pages more for details about

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What are your favorite Photobird features? What features would you most like to see Photobird add?