This TrekPod is Made for Walking



The new TrekPod Go! from Trek-Tech is a tripod, monopod, and walking stick all-in-one. Trek-Tech has listened closely to customer feedback and the TrekPod Go! features a number of enhancements over the original TrekPod: most importantly, it now collapses to fit into a 23-inch long case suitable for airline carry-on, and it can drop as low as 42 inches while in use, which is perfect for photographing from the bleachers at a ball game.

But these improvements come at a steep price — a 45% increase in the retail cost of this unit ($199) over its predecessor ($149), which we think was overpriced anyway, given that a good tripod can be bought for less than half the cost.

Still, we believe a lot of people will be interested in the TrekPod Go! and, in certain shooting conditions, it would prove quite useful. Ron Risman does a wonderful job of summarizing the TrekPod’s strengths and weaknesses in this review, so you can determine whether the TrekPod or the new TrekPod Go! is right for you.

Q: Have you considered purchasing a TrekPod or TrekPod Go!? Did you buy one after all? Why or why not?


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