Photography with Multiple Cameras


After you’ve mastered using one, two, or even three cameras at a time, you may find you need more help than a dozen photographic assistants can provide, to shoot with 25 or more cameras aimed at your subject, with shutters snapping in 1/6-second precision intervals from every imaginable angle. We’ve heard of a multi-camera shoot before, but this is ridiculous!

Well, no longer: with software from Breeze Systems, you can build an impressive array of up to 120 Canon digital SLR cameras all firing from a single PC running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Here’s a list of some of the magic now possible with the DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera software:

  • Control the settings of all the cameras (e.g. setting ISO, Tv, Av etc.).
  • Synchronize the clocks on each camera.
  • Synchronize camera settings.
  • See a summary of the settings for each camera.
  • Select an individual camera and take preview shots displaying the image at 2x or 4x magnification for accurate alignment and focusing.
  • Take a picture on all cameras either from the PC or using a remote shutter release.
  • Edit the owner string for each camera so that it can be used for naming the images as they are downloaded.
  • Automatically download the images to the PC and name them according to which camera took the picture.

There’s even a free fully-functional 15-day trial version of the software available here, though, sorry, it’s limited to just 4 cameras.

If this product were just, say, a little more portable, I’m sure the paparazzi would have a field day; annoying, in turn, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and then, of course, us with their resulting photographs. But honestly, I’m a little hard-pressed to think of any practical use for this extremely cool technology, at least for us amateur shutterbugs; even so, of course, I feel like going out and buying it without delay!

Priced at just $95 per camera, it’s certainly affordable. Well, that is until you get up to 120 cameras, which would set you back a cool $11,400. Oh, and that’s not including the cameras themselves. Sold separately.

What do you think of the DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera software? What would you use it for?


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