Tap into your Creative Wellspring


“Monument Valley Afternoon” by Alain Briot

In its purest form, each photograph is a personal work of art which can move and inspire your fellow human beings. But how do you tap into your vast reserves of creativity? How do you nurture your vision and achieve a wholly personal style in order to create truly inspiration-worthy works of art?

There is a long but encouraging essay here called “Achieving your Personal Style” which is full of sage advice (and wonderful photographs) from one of our favorite landscape photographers, Alain Briot of Beautiful-Landscape.com. The essay is the fourth in a four-part series which can be found, along with many other columns and articles on photography by Alain Briot, on the Luminous Landscape website.

Our favorite part of the essay is the penultimate section “Skill Enhancement Exercises” which includes nine very practical items that will most certainly egg you further along the road of defining and developing your own style as a photographer:

  1. Design a short term and long-term project.
  2. Describe your comfort zone.
  3. Go to a location you like over and over again to photograph it.
  4. Follow your creative impulses.
  5. Master technique in order to focus on art.
  6. Take notes in the field.
  7. Listen to music while you work, which reminded us of this interview with Rafa Torcida.
  8. Invent a new way to work.
  9. And our favorite: Don’t rush it. Creativity can’t be scheduled and developing a personal style will take time.

Be sure to read the full essay and take your time to go through the exercises. We’d love to hear whether you found any of these ideas especially inspirational or helpful. Please let us know in the comments.


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