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Get Ready for the Great Outdoors

April 8, 2008

Looks like is celebrating the return of good weather with exceptional deals on durable cameras and waterproof cases, all meant to be used in the rugged outdoors.

If you’ve got any big camping trips planned for this spring or summer, be sure to head over to first to outfit your camera or proof it against the elements.

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Breadcrumbs are Useful Beyond the Kitchen, Too

April 8, 2008

If you like to cook like I do, chances are you have some breadcrumbs in your pantry or you know how to quickly make your own. They’re so versatile, after all; they’re great for preparing a wide variety of dishes, from topping casseroles to thickening stews, stuffing poultry or making delicious batters.

But did you know that breadcrumbs can also be used for finding your way around Okay, so these are a different kind of breadcrumb altogether but still, I think you’d agree, they’re just as useful — if not as tasty — as the ones found in your kitchen.

What I’m talking about, of course, is the navigational breadcrumb trail at the top of each Photobird album. On, we automatically show you which album you’re viewing and the albums it resides in, in the top left corner of each album and photo page. You can click on any of these links to easily navigate within your photo albums. For example, if you click on the name of a photo album after your username, you’ll go directly to that album. If you click on your username, you’ll go up to the “top album” in your account.

Try it out on Ed Krimen’s Point Reyes album here.

In fact, we like the breadcrumbs so much, we also use them in the Photobird Digital Camera Buyer’s Guide and other areas of the website. I think you’ll agree that it makes it very easy to navigate anywhere you want to go. And you don’t even have to consult a recipe. Wish the same could be said for those breadcrumbs in the pantry.