Go One-on-One with Alain Briot


“Monument Valley” by Alain Briot

How much would you pay to work one-on-one with noted landscape photographer Alain Briot of Beautiful-Landscape.com?

Alain has set up a one-on-one consulting service on his website which offers a limited number of opportunities to work directly with him in a highly-customized program uniquely designed to meet your photographic goals. This would be a fantastic opportunity for any up-and-coming landscape photographer with professional aspirations. You can choose to work with Alain over the phone or in person by visiting him at his Beaux Arts Photography Studio in sunny Arizona.

Alain offers world-class advice on printmaking and print review. You can send selections of your photographs to him for review. You can even work with him over the course of seven one-hour sessions geared toward a long-term project, the marketing of your photography venture or other serious improvement, which would indeed be an ideal fit for anyone who would like to get started selling their own photographs.

Each one-on-one program is fully backed by Alain’s unique, no-pressure, money-back warranty, so you can stop the sessions at any time if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied and get a full refund for all unused sessions. To learn more about Alain’s one-on-one consulting and to find out if such a program would be right for you, you can contact Alain via email alain@beautiful-landscape.com or call toll-free at 800-949-7983. Be sure to mention you heard about the service on Photobird.com.


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