At Close Range


If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a photographer for National Geographic, meet Joel Sartore, a devoted husband and father of three, who feels he just might have the best job in the world — or the worst.

Joel is the subject of a fascinating spot-on documentary entitled “At Close Range with National Geographic”, which offers an engrossing look into both the personal and professional life of one internationally-acclaimed wildlife photographer.

I happened to catch the program on PBS last week while channel surfing. In it, a documentary crew follows Joel into the field where he spends eight to twelve weeks at a time, subject to bad weather and local maladies, while in search of the perfect shot. Joel’s anecdotes about close encounters with Brazilian anacondas and a pack of wild wolves, both of whom of course considered him prey, will stay with you long after you’ve seen this film, as will the touching scenes with his wife and young kids as he strives to find a meaningful work/life balance in this most untraditional of careers.

You can watch a free video preview of the documentary here. Check your local PBS affiliate to find out when it’ll be on next in your neck of the woods or purchase the program at I highly recommend it!


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