Rabbit in the Moon


“The Real Moon” by John Maher

Check it out! The photos featured in People, Places and Things on the Look at Pictures page on Photobird.com have just been updated.

The new pictures include:

  • Early Madness” by Camil Seisanu, a golden-hued shot of a seagull reaching into the ocean for a salty snack at sunrise. Camil used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 with a 1/500s f/7.1 exposure at ISO 80 to capture this warm shot.
  • The Real Moon” by John Mayer, featured above. John says he took twenty shots before capturing this one and I say it was well worth the time to get it right. This waxing gibbous moon shows the upper three-quarters of the famed Jade Rabbit or Rabbit in the Moon, which, according to Chinese folklore, is said to be constantly at work pounding a mortar of herbs for the immortals.
  • Raindrop Rose” from David Thompson. Take a gander at this macro-shot of a red rose opening up, ensconced in tiny droplets of water which almost look like platelets of blood.

Be sure to visit each of these photos and show your appreciation to these photographers by leaving your comments.

Would you like to have one or more of your photos featured in People, Places and Things? To submit a photo for consideration, simply follow the same steps you would take for submitting a photo for the Photobird Photo of the Hour:

1. View the photo you want to submit from your photo album.
2. Click the “Submit for Photo of the Hour” checkbox.

That’s it!

The photos in People, Places and Things are updated regularly. Check the bottom of the People, Places and Things section on the Look at Pictures page for details on how to be notified when an update occurs. We’ll also let you know right here in the Photobird blog whenever they’re updated.


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