Camera of the Week: Canon PowerShot G9


Canon’s G-series cameras have always been popular among photographers, and the Canon PowerShot G9 doesn’t disappoint, with specifications well above those of the average consumer camera. The biggest selling feature is its 12.1-megapixels of resolution, which is enough detail for photo-quality, poster-sized prints. Priced at just under $450, the Canon PowerShot G9 also includes a built-in 6x optical zoom, image-stabilized lens, and a large 3-inch LCD display. All in a camera that weighs a mere 11.4 ounces. If you’re interested in printing larger photos of the kids’ soccer games, the Canon PowerShot G9 is certainly worth a closer look.

A quick round-up of reviews in the Photobird Digital Camera Buyer’s Guide reveals “The G9 is as good as it gets” by and “An excellent, highly recommended camera” by was slightly more modest in their appraisal saying the G9 is “A fantastic camera but it is not for everyone.”

For all these reasons, we’ve chosen the Canon PowerShot G9 as our Photobird Camera of the Week. If you’re in the market for a medium-sized point-and-shoot camera with a generous zoom and more than enough megapixels for most situations, this popular Canon model should certainly be on your short list of cameras for further consideration.

You can read more reviews of the Canon PowerShot G9 and similar-sized cameras in the Photobird Digital Camera Buyer’s Guide.

Discuss this camera in our Canon forum.

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