A Vision of Norman Rockwell’s America


“Election Day” , Sennett Fire Department, Sennett, N.Y., November 1995
© Copyright Kevin Rivoli

Some critics argue that Norman Rockwell, the famous illustrator of The Saturday Evening Post, depicted an idyllic America, one which may have never actually existed. But don’t say that to photographer Kevin Rivoli. He’s spent the past 15 years documenting Rockwell-inspired moments of Americana as they’re happening in the small towns of present-day America.

Kevin’s photographs will be published in a new book available this fall entitled In Search of Norman Rockwell’s America. And there’s now a traveling exposition which juxtaposes his photographs with the timeless images of Norman Rockwell’s boy scouts, barbers, and choir boys.

You can view an interactive slideshow here of Kevin’s work on The New York Times website, along with an accompanying article here. Thanks to Rob Galbraith for pointing out this story.

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