Robert Romero’s Photos Are Just Peachy


“Just Peachy” © Copyright Robert Romero

If you’ve been following the Photobird blog for the past several months, you’ll notice that we’ve featured Robert Romero’s photo “Just Peachy” a couple of times before: once when we were telling you about the Photobird Photo Contest for February 2008, and once when Robert actually won the Photobird Award for that contest.

It’s a gorgeous photo, so I’ve decided to feature it again.

The other reason I wanted to show it to you again is that Robert has been working on his Photobird photo album, one of the prizes he won with the Photobird Photo Contest for February 2008. He especially has a lot of beautiful flower photos in his album entitled “floral beauty”.

I enjoy perusing the thumbnail photos of his collection by using the “All” setting, so I can scroll down and up to see all of the photos at once like this, instead of clicking the “Next” button in this view to page through his album. I think the thumbnails of his photos look great laid out on the full page like this. You and your visitors can do this in your Photobird albums too, by just clicking on “All” underneath the thumbnails. You can see all of Robert’s albums and photos at .

You can enter the current Photobird Photo Contest here. The contest is free to enter, and some great prizes are available, including a Photobird account. More details about the Photobird Photo Contest are available here.

I mentioned last week that I’m looking into offering a limited number of free Photobird accounts for you. I’m still working on it, and I hope to have them ready for you next week at the earliest. Stay tuned!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback about anything on, including the Photobird blog, please let us know in the forums, in the comments, or you can contact us directly.


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