Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD


“Luminous Canyon”
© Copyright Alain Briot

One year in the making. Over 37 hours of audio tutorials. Over 4 hours of movie tutorials. 160 tutorials in PDF format. 12 Photoshop Layered Composition Master Files. 30 essays on composition by Alain Briot in PDF format. An 8×10-inch print of “Luminous Canyon”, shown above, one of the photos discussed on the DVD. The Master File of the “Luminous Canyon” print with the 17 different adjustment layers used to optimize the photo. No traveling nor scheduling necessary to learn from the master himself, Alain Briot of

Alain has recently completed production of his Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD, his most ambitious tutorial project to date. The DVD features everything that he’s learned about composition since he started studying art and photography in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris. The contents of the DVD are similar to what he will be teaching at the Composition Mastery Seminar in early 2009, one of the Trilogy Seminars we mentioned just a few weeks ago.

Your purchase of the DVD also qualifies you for entry into their drawing for $1000 worth of ink and paper, which we covered only a couple of weeks ago.

To listen to Alain’s audio introduction to the DVD, click here to play the .mp3 file. In the audio file, he also talks about what he means by “composition”.

You can also preview a sample movie here from the DVD in .mov format.

Alain has a special price for the first 40 people to order the DVD, so be sure to visit for all of the details on Alain Briot’s Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD.


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