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Easy Photo Links

August 6, 2008

When I designed, I wanted it to be easy to use. Most websites are too hard to use. I wanted to be really easy to use, fast, and have a nice, clean design so it would be nice to look at. After all, your photos are on this website; no one wants to look at photos on an ugly website.

These characteristics are fundamental to, and you’ll see more of them as we build out more features. Already though, the feedback has been positive. has a lot of unique features that you may not notice right away. Of course, we don’t show advertisements on your photo albums, to ensure that your photos stand out and look great. Also, no login is required to view your photos, but password protection is available if you want it. And, best of all, your photo albums remain private until you tell people about them. To see a list of features, check out the feature list at this link. To learn more about how to keep your photos private, see my blog post “Show Off Your Photos, and Keep Some Private“.

One of the ways is easy to use is that the links for your photos and photo albums have real names. They’re simple links that make sense. They’re not a random bunch of computerized numbers that most websites have. The links on are actually recognizable to you, using the same titles as your photos and photo albums.

For example, on, if you look at the screenshot above based on my photo entitled “Chess“, it’s easy to see where the photo is located in my photo album. After the “”, you see my username “ekrimen”, then the “Europe” album, then the “Zurich” album, and then the filename of the photo.

It’s also easy to remember how to get to my Europe album. Of course, you can just go to the top of my album at and then click on the Europe album. Or, you can just type and it will go to the same place. Add “/Zurich” to the end of that and you’ll see my Zurich album within my Europe album. Piece of cake!

This feature is really easy to use and to remember, even though there’s a lot of complicated engineering happening behind the scenes. I prefer to make things easy for you, while we do the heaving lifting.

The comparison is easy: If you were using another website, you’d need to type in something like “/photos/ekrimen/album/72157606568183386/” — if you can remember all of those numbers! On, you’d simply type “/ekrimen/Europe/” to see my Europe album.

It’s also easy to link directly to photos and albums by simply copy and pasting the link from the address bar in your web browser.

Photo links on work the same way as album links. To view a photo by itself, to link directly to it for eBay, for example, you can use one of the following:

  • Click the photo on to automatically add the .jpg at the end of the photo filename in the link.
  • Or, type .jpg on the end of the photo filename in the link.

Finally, as you can see, the photo and album links in your address bar match the photo and album titles in the breadcrumb trail. And for each link, we use the same titles that you used to create your albums and photos.

Please let me know in the comments or in the forums if you have any questions about any of the Photobird features.