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The Bells

August 7, 2008

“The Bells”
© Copyright Vicki Tinnon

Vicki Tinnon is at it again, folks. She’s adding more beautiful photos to her Photobird photo album, and submitting them for the Photobird Photo of the Hour. One of her photos is currently shown in the People Places and Things feature on the Look at Pictures page, which I wrote about a week ago in the blog post at this link.

This time, she’s sharing photos from a mid-morning hike in Maroon Bells, Colorado. The photo above shows a close-cropped version of “The Bells“, while another version entitled “Mid-Morning in the Bells” shows a similar shot with wildflowers in the foreground. Both photos are being featured for the Photobird Photo of the Hour, but I had a little trouble deciding which one to show above. I’m curious to know which photo you prefer, and why; please let us know in the comments.

Vicki takes some great photos; they are very sharp with good saturation and contrast — and excellent composition, of course. I’m curious to know what her recipe is for her beautiful photos. Hopefully she’ll tell us sometime; or perhaps she’ll claim it’s her closely-guarded trade secret. Either way, I’m glad she shares her beautiful photos with us.

Vicki Tinnon won the Photobird Award for the Photobird Photo Contest for May 2008 with her photo “Moving In“. You can see more of Vicki’s photos at is the easy way to share your photos. You capture and share so many great photos on that we created the Photo of the Hour feature to give you the opportunity to share your very best with the rest of the world.

It’s really easy to submit your favorite photos to be featured on the Photobird Photo of the Hour: Simply view the photo from your photo album and click the “Submit for Photo of the Hour” checkbox. There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit and we always like to get new submissions.

In return for each photo we use on the Photo of the Hour or People Places and Things, you get more storage space for your photo album so you can store more photos. Details are here.

If you’d like to keep some of your photos private while you share your favorite photos with the world, you can read how easy it is to do that with Photobird photo albums in our blog post “Show Off Your Photos, and Keep Some Private“.

You may also discuss your favorite Photobird Photos of the Hour in the Photobird forums.