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2 Weeks Left: Photo Contest for January

January 16, 2009

“Ready, Set, Go!”
© Copyright Tom Vogt

The photo shown above “Ready, Set, Go!” by Tom Vogt was entered into the Photobird Photo Contest for January, which has the theme “Go”. The guy in black (or maybe that’s a gal) looks like he’s definitely ready, and definitely set, and the flames painted on his bike make it look like he’s already going and on fire.

When he finally launches from the line, I cannot imagine what it’s like to hold on to the handlebars. When he goes, I’m surprised his feet don’t kick up in the air behind him and he holds on with only his hands.

Definitely a photo with high performance. We can’t wait to see him to go!

Photobird Photo Contest details:

The two winners for the Photobird Photo Contest for January will each receive the following cool prizes:

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