Faster, Easier, and More Convenient Than E-mail


“Hiking in the Bells”
© Copyright Vicki Tinnon is the easy way to share your photos.

Vicki Tinnon shares her photos, such as “Hiking in the Bells” shown above, on, and there are many reasons why you should too. Sign up for your own account.

If you’re still e-mailing your photos, here’s five reasons why is better than sending your photos via e-mail:

  • Less hassle: When you want to share your photos, you only need to send a link, instead of spending lots of time e-mailing the same photos to every person every time you want to send them. And your friends and family can select which photos they want to see, instead of waiting for them all to download in their e-mail box.
  • Faster: automatically creates smaller, web-ready versions of your photos when you add them to your albums, so your photos will be displayed quicker. Also, some computers may be too slow to see your large, original-sized photos, so the smaller, resized photos help there too. (By the way, when we resize your photos, your original photos are still available to you.)
  • Easy-to-use: It’s easy to view photo after photo after photo: just click the Next button. A lot of people like our slideshow feature too. Your friends and family won’t need to download large photos and then find a good computer program to view them. Also, we make smaller versions of your photos so they’re easy to see on most computer monitors. If you e-mailed your photos as is, they may be too large to fit on your friends’ and family’s computer screens.
  • Convenient: Your photos are always available. Your friends don’t need to wait for you to find the time to e-mail your photos to them. Your friends also don’t need to make room on their computers to see your photos; and your web browser will make it easy for your friends and family to view your photos.
  • More fun: If you wish, your friends and family can post comments about your photos. Your photo album is like having your own personal website!

Here are more reasons for sharing your photos on, which we’ve written about before in the Photobird Daily:

Also, take a quick tour of

Sign up for your own account.

If you have any questions about these features or any features on, please let us know in the comments below, in the forums, or contact us directly.



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