Photobird’s Simple Guide to Great Photos


“Laguna Beach, Ca. 1” © Copyright David Cresine

Introducing Photobird’s Simple Guide to Great Photos. You can find this quick guide in the side column on the Photobird Daily front page.

It’s simple really:

1. Composition Is Key.

I wrote the following in the Photobird Daily article “Composition Is Key“:

“Composition is the key element for great photos. If everything else with your photo is not correct — such as bad color, poor lighting, image noise, and imperfect subjects — but your photo is well composed, you can usually fix the other things and still come out with a good photo. If the composition isn’t perfect right out of the camera, you can often crop the photo to get the desired composition, but you must start off with a reasonably well-composed photo.”

In the article, you’ll find links to nearly two dozen helpful articles that have appeared in the Photobird Daily that can help you learn more about composition, or refresh your skills if you’re a professional.

2. Read Understanding Exposure, by Bryan Peterson.

Understanding Exposure gets a lot of attention here in the Photobird Daily because it’s a great photography book; it’s helpful for beginners as well as experienced photographers. I wrote about the book at this link here.

Another good book for beginners is Photographer’s Exposure Handbook. For a list of more great books, for both beginners and advanced photographers, read the article in the Photobird Daily entitled “Get Started With Photography Books“.

Of course, the books are available on And if you win the Photobird Photo Contest, you can use your $50 gift card to buy photography books, memory cards, or anything else on

3. Share your photos on is the easy way to share your photos. Here are just a few reasons why you should share your photos on

But don’t take my word for it. Take our Quick Tour and see what people are saying!



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