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“Home Impressions #5”
© Copyright Rafa Torcida

Most of you want to keep your photos private. You don’t want your photos exposed so that anyone on the Internet can see them. You only want your family and friends to see your photos.

Fortunately,, the easy way to share your photos, was built with exactly that idea. When you sign up for your own account, your photo albums are automatically private. There’s nothing you need to do to make them private. No one knows about your photo albums until you start telling your family and friends about them.

A relatively small group of people, on the other hand, want to share some of their photos with the world. People like Vicki Tinnon, David Cresine, Robert Romero, Mark Prinz, and Rafa Torcida to name a few, enjoy the exposure of sharing their photos and getting feedback. They all have submitted photos for the Photobird Photo of the Hour, which is your opportunity to share your favorite photos with the rest of the world. Rafa Torcida’s photo “Home Impressions #5” is shown above.

Fortunately, allows you to do it all. You can keep your photos private, or you can share your photos with the world, or you can do a mixture of both. For example, you can see my photo albums at But what you can’t see — unless I tell you about it — is that I have a hidden album with pictures of Florida in it. If you look at my photo albums, you won’t see my “Florida” photo album shown there. But if I give you the direct link,, you can click on that link and see my Florida photo album. It’s a secret, hidden photo album that can only be seen if I give you the link. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have known it’s there.

Another option you have, in case you think people might be able to guess the names of your hidden albums, is to password protect one, some, or all of your photo albums. When you password protect your photo albums, you require your visitors to type in a password to view the photos in your photo album.

To make all of this even easier, for both hidden albums and password protected albums, and even for things like comments and ratings on your photos and albums, you can set up one album with password protection, for example, and all of the albums within that album will also be password protected. It’s a clever feature that makes it easy to keep some of your photos private while you share your favorite photos with the world. You can read how easy it is in our Photobird Daily article entitled “Show Off Your Photos, and Keep Some Private“.

All of these options are included at no additional cost when you sign up for your Photobird account. There are no extra fees, no gimmicks, no ads, no spam.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below or send me a message directly and privately.



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