Make Your Sunset Photos Stand Out


Photo © Copyright Matthew G. Monroe

Looking for helpful advice on how to make your sunset photos stand out? According to Matthew Monroe, the answer is simple: Don’t shoot the sunset. In an article for the Digital Photography School, Matthew advises readers to wait about fifteen or twenty minutes after the sun has dropped below the horizon before snapping pictures.

Take a look at the picture Matthew shot above of St. John’s Bridge near his hometown of Portland, Oregon. With the camera in full manual mode, autofocus off, ISO at 100, and the f-stop somewhere between f8 and f13 (with an exposure time between 15-30 seconds), he played around with his camera’s white balance until it was down to about 2800 degrees Kelvin, to increase the saturation of the blue tones. Then he kept snapping pictures.

What he was waiting for was what he describes as a one-minute window during which truly jaw-dropping images can be created. And once you’ve captured the moment, you’ll know it right away but, even then, Matthew advises to keep shooting, especially if you’re in the path of a rising full moon.

Be sure to read the complete post for more interesting photographs and further details.


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