Photobird Photo Contest Winners for June


“Two Rainbows” © Copyright Ramon Prince

Thank you to everyone who entered the Photobird Photo Contest for June 2009! The theme for June was “Two”. Thirty-two photos were entered into the contest and we had a wide range of photo subjects shown in twos. There were brothers, friends, a lot of birds, frogs, a mother and child, a couple of monks, a couple in love, a couple made for each other, and lovebirds on the beach.

Congratulations to Ramon Prince, winner of the Photobird Award with the photo “Two Rainbows” shown above. I wrote about the photo a couple of weeks ago. I like the beautiful sunlight on the rocks, the rich saturation of the colors in the photo, and of course the rarely seen and even more rarely captured double rainbow. Click the photo above to see a larger version.

Congratulations to Chanchal Ghosh, winner of the People’s Choice Award with the photo “Butterfly“. I wrote about this photo a week ago and I like the vibrant colors and the sharpness of the butterflies in the photo. I also like that the colors are very earthy: greens and browns, especially the very rich browns of the butterflies.

Ramon and Chanchal will each receive the following prizes:

Congratulations again to both winners!

“One” was the theme for May. “Two” was the theme for June. Guess what’s the theme for July! Yes, “Three” is the theme for the Photobird Photo Contest for July 2009. The Photobird Photo Contest is free to enter, so be sure to get your entry in and have your friends vote on their favorite photos before month’s end.

For more information about the contest, please check out the details here.


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