3 Weeks Left: Photo Contest for July


“The Three Armadillos”
© Copyright Steve Creek

To be honest, I haven’t seen many photos of armadillos in my lifetime. They’re just not something people take a lot of photos of, I guess, and there probably aren’t a lot of opportunities to see them. They’re also not exactly Mother Nature’s most photogenic creature.

Steve Creek might have captured one of their best sides in the photo shown above entitled “The Three Armadillos” which he entered into the Photobird Photo Contest for July 2009. If I’m not mistaken, the photo shows three armadillos walking away from us — not walking towards us. I do believe that those are three tails in the photo. It’s a cute, well-done photo, with great color and excellent depth of field.

“Three” is the theme of the Photobird Photo Contest for July 2009. Enter the contest here. The contest is always free to enter and this month’s contest ends July 31, 2009 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

Photobird Photo Contest details:

The two winners for the Photobird Photo Contest for July 2009 will each receive the following cool prizes:

Read more details about the monthly contest here.

Every monthly Photobird Photo Contest has two winners. At the end of each month, we pick one winner for the Photobird Award, and we will tally your votes to determine the one winner for the People’s Choice Award.

See the previous contests and their photos at this link.

Go here to enter the contest. And be sure to have your family and friends vote for their favorite entries to help select the People’s Choice Award. (You can send them a quick little reminder here.)


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