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2 Weeks Left: Photo Contest for July

July 17, 2009

“Waiting for a breeze”
© Copyright Jeff Pontsler

Waiting for a breeze” is a beautiful photo that Jeff Pontsler entered into the Photobird Photo Contest for July 2009. I think what really makes this photo stand out is the quality of the sunlight shining directly against the boats on the side that Jeff Pontsler is shooting from (as opposed to the other side, the shady side). My guess was that the sun was low in the horizon — thus the great color sunlight — which meant either morning or afternoon sun, and then I noticed in the description of the photo that Jeff said it was in the morning.

The framing of the sailboats is also very good, with only the three sailboats in the photo and nothing else around them. The blue sky complements the very green water exceptionally well. The cotton-ball clouds low in the horizon in the background are also a nice touch. Horizons can sometimes be tricky to get level, but if you just tilt your head to the right a bit, it’s fixed. Also, the bottoms of the sails line up with the horizon, and the sails of each boat appear to touch the sails of the boat next to it, which helps keep the photo tidy. Very well done.

I accidentally approved this photo for the contest before I noticed that it was the second photo that Jeff Pontsler had entered into this month’s contest. The contest rules state that each contestant may only enter one photo each month; therefore, this photo won’t be able to win either award, but it’s a really nice photo so I wanted to point it out. Jeff Pontsler’s other photo in this contest, “Going to town…” is also very good.

There’s only two weeks remaining before the end of the Photobird Photo Contest for July 2009, so be sure to enter your photo soon!

“Three” is the theme of the Photobird Photo Contest for July 2009. Enter the contest here. The contest is always free to enter and this month’s contest ends July 31, 2009 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

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The two winners for the Photobird Photo Contest for July 2009 will each receive the following cool prizes:

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Every monthly Photobird Photo Contest has two winners. At the end of each month, we pick one winner for the Photobird Award, and we will tally your votes to determine the one winner for the People’s Choice Award.

See the previous contests and their photos at this link.

Go here to enter the contest. And be sure to have your family and friends vote for their favorite entries to help select the People’s Choice Award. (You can send them a quick little reminder here.)


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