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5 Ideas for Photographing Autumn Leaves

November 5, 2008

Photo © Copyright Nicholas Below

Autumn is still here which means there’s still time to photograph some great color before the white stuff starts falling.

Here are 5 ideas for photographing autumn leaves, from an article at Beyond Megapixels:

1. Play with color. Just as you would organize family members in a portrait or arrange food on a plate for a professional shot, do the same with leaves and other colorful features in the autumn landscape. Play with different colored leaves and different angles to get the shot you’re looking for. See “Get Closer. Closer. Even Closer!” and “Liven Up Your Camera Angles” for similar composition ideas that will help bring out the color in your photos.

2. Get low. Get down on the ground, on your belly, and shoot leaves as they lie on the grass. Successful photos come from photographers who do what other photographers wouldn’t do to get the shot. We highlighted similar ideas in the Photobird Daily in these two articles: “Do Whatever It Takes to Get The Shot” and “At Close Range“.

3. Don’t forget the city. You don’t need to go to forests and parks to photograph autumn leaves. Look for colorful leaves on sidewalks and city streets. The bright colors of autumn leaves will definitely stand out amongst the gray colors of the city.

4. Leaves on water. Close-up photos of leaves floating on puddles, rivers, lakes, and fountains can make for peaceful shots. Try capturing the ripples on the surface of the water for a dynamic look. If your body of water doesn’t have colorful leaves nearby, bring some with you, as suggested in tip #1 above.

5. Play with shutter speed. You can freeze falling leaves in mid-air by shooting at 1/500-second. This effect will look especially good if you’re shooting another subject in the midst of the falling leaves. Alternatively, you can shoot at a low shutter speed to emphasize the motion of the leaves, similar to photographing fireworks or waterfalls.

More tips for photographing in autumn are in my article “Autumn Photography” which I wrote early in the season.



Autumn Changes

October 23, 2008

© Copyright Vicki Tinnon

The leaves haven’t all fallen yet, but they are changing colors. Autumn is definitely here and the trees are in transition.

This very colorful photo entitled “Changing” was taken by Vicki Tinnon at Ponca State Park in Nebraska, and was submitted for the Photobird Photo of the Hour. I like how Vicki got close up to the leaves and filled the frame, a composition technique described in an article in the Photobird Daily entitled “Get Closer. Closer. Even Closer!

You can see more of Vicki Tinnon’s inspiring photos in her Photobird photo album at Vicki Tinnon won the Photobird Award for the Photobird Photo Contest for May 2008 with her photo “Moving In“. is the easy way to share your photos. You capture and share so many great photos on that we created the Photo of the Hour feature to give you the opportunity to share your very best with the rest of the world.

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