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Lick Observatory Moonrise

February 24, 2009

“Lick Observatory Moonrise”
© Copyright Rick Baldridge

This stunning photo shown above was taken by Rick Baldridge in October 2008 as the Full Moon rose behind Mount Hamilton, east of San Jose, California. Both the Moon and Lick Observatory, which is perched at the top of the mountain, are lit by the warm color of the sunset.

This photo was featured on one of my favorite websites, the Astronomy Picture of the Day, on December 12, 2008. I don’t know what equipment was used to take this photograph, but the explanation at the Astronomy Picture of the Day refers to the image as a “lovely telescopic view”; it’s a very close-up photo of the Moon and of the Lick Observatory, so it probably was taken with a powerful zoom lens on a DSLR or with a telescope and camera adapter.

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