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Understanding Shutter Speed

January 27, 2009

You may be familiar with the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. It’s a best-selling photography book, and we’ve referred to it many times here in the Photobird Daily. If there’s one photography book you should buy, it’s Understanding Exposure. It’s so good, it’s offered as one of the prizes each month for the Photobird Photo Contest.

Bryan Peterson has a few other books that are really good too. Beyond Portraiture is another one of his fantastic books I’ve written about.

Understanding Shutter Speed is one more of Bryan Peterson’s books that you should consider buying. However, if you’re new to photography and you’re looking to get started with just one book, get Understanding Exposure. It will provide you with more bang for your buck to get great photos when learning more about photography. As a novice, you’ll benefit more by reading Understanding Exposure than you will by reading Understanding Shutter Speed. If you already have Understanding Exposure, or you already know all there is about exposure, then read on and consider Understanding Shutter Speed.